"It has been a pleasure to meet and work with all of you"…Julia Child

Julia is truly a living legend. After working with her on a universal design exhibit for The Smithsonian, Cynthia Leibrock had to ask, "What are your secrets to aging so beautifully? What motivates you to continue to contribute into your 90's?"

The answer is her appetite for life. She never stopped living, taking risks, facing new challenges, proceeding without fear of failure. During WWII, Julia volunteered for the OSS devising codes and keeping track of secret papers in China and India. While most of her girlfriends were marrying, Julia waited for the love of her life and found passionate romance that lead to a marriage of equals. Fame came to Julia later in life as she progressed from cook to writer, from television personality to America's role model of successful aging.

Noel Riley Fitch says it best in his biography of Julia Child, "She possessed what Margaret Mead has said were the prerequisites for an American woman to succeed: superhuman energy and an ability to outwit the culture's plans for her. She remained in her eighties the girl who loved peanut butter and raw dough, who cried at movies and loved cats…She did not take herself seriously in private, but steeled herself publicly. She was generous, tough, and stubborn. Her friend, M.F.K Fisher said of herself that age meant she could "get away with more. Say more of what I want to say and less of what people want to hear." Julia also got past what Fisher called the "protective covering of middle years" and became more incautious. She never joked about age and denied ever having jet lag or fatigue. She is the opposite of today's victim psychology." There is so much we can learn about Aging Beautifully. Email us for a free tour or fellowship on the ranch where we live the lifestyle which leads to health, quality of life, and longevity.